I migrated from physics to areas where I felt research would be more socially impact full: entrepreneurship - one of the mechanisms by which new ideas become available to everyone, and public health - a field with direct impact on everyone's quality of life. Below , selected research projects on each of these fields.


"Entrepreneurship, the Initial Labor Force, and the Location of New Firms", Cristina Carias and Steven Klepper. (under review)
A project that looks at how hiring decisions influence the location decision of entrepreneurs, and their later performance. We show that entrepreneurs that locate near their previous employers hire more former colleagues, and perform better than other entrepreneurs.

Public Health

"Net costs averted due to seasonal influenza vaccination - United States, 2005-2009", Carias, C. et al (under review)
A project that quantifies the impact of seasonal influenza vaccination in the United States.

"Economic evaluation of typhoid vaccination in a prolonged typhoid outbreak setting: the case of Kasese district in Uganda", Carias, C. et al (revise and resubmit)
A project that estimates the cost effectiveness of a mass vaccination campaign in a Ugandian district afflicted by typhoid.

"A simple model to quantify the spread of MERS-CoV to countries outside the Middle East", Carias, C. et al. (under review)
Following the emergence of a novel coronavirus in some countries of the Middle East, we adapt a simple model of disease spread to characterize MERS-CoV introductions in countries outside the Middle East.

"Potential Demand for Respirators and Surgical Masks during a Hypothetical Influenza Pandemic in the United States", Carias, C. et al.
We model the demand for respirators and surgical masks in the event of an hypothetical unmitigated influenza pandemic in the United States.


“Plasma channels produced by a laser triggered high voltage discharge”, N. C. Lopes, G. Figueira, L. O. Silva, J. M. Dias, R. A. Fonseca, L. Cardoso, C. Russo, C. Carias, G. Mendes, J. Vieira, J. T. Mendonça (2003) Physical Review E 68, 035402(R).
“Table-top laser-plasma acceleration as an electron radiography source”, Laser and Particle Beams 24 (1): 185-190S. P. D. Mangles, B. R. Walton, Z. Najmudin, A. E. Dangor, K. Krushelnick, V. Malka, M. Manclossi, N. Lopes, C. Carias, G. Mendes, F. Dorchies (2006)

Old projects where I contributed by adapting an algorithm (with MatLab) to calculate the electronic density of a plasma channel, and devising a method to subtract the error term of such estimations.